"We love to share our passion for the rich Italian food", the co-owners of this small portion of Italy will say, if you happen to ask them about "La Feasta" after a satisfying meal. Italian cooking is among the richest and most varied cuisine in the world. And, contrary to general perception, has an incredible number of delicious, mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. At "La Feasta" enjoy the subtle taste of authentic Italian food, which is not only a delight for the senses but also an expression of the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the country.As you step

inside the restaurant,you will get transported to the beautiful Sicilian hills of south Italy.The interiors have the hint of beautiful Italian culture. Sink into the comfortable atmosphere at "La Feasta" as you get ready to enjoy the taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine is reputed to be the mother cuisine of southern Europe, but its changing geography from north to south results in a fascinating profusion of different foods. The popularity of the Italian Cuisine has reached new heights because it offers fresh and healthy, full - flavor, fat - free diet. Italian geniuses have introduced to the world a wealth of herbs, olives and olive oil. They have also showed us amazing ways to add zest and vitality to our meals.Fine antipasti,pizza, pasta of every

shape and form,garden fresh fruits and homegrown vegetables, and not to forget their delicious and exotic desserts.Our Chef Snehal from Australia's famous Santino's Terrace Restaurant, manages the entire kitchen and has his artistic creativity to develop many superb facinating culinary variations.The taste from La Feasta kitchen are entirely original as all the ingredients are imported from over-seas.
Buon Appetito!

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